Poland: Useful tips for your journey

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Imigration When you go to the Poland Republic you need a travel passport which is valid for at least 6 months. The best way to go to Warsaw from Germany is by plane. It is fast (about one hour to go) and affordable. The Warsaw International Airport is about 10 Kilometers from the center of Warsaw. The cheapest way to go to the center is taking bus number 175 from the airport to the center of Warsaw. Gdansk is easy to reach from Warsaw by train. There are several trains running this direction every day.
Language Because of the neigbourhood to Germany, a lot of Polish people understand German. Additionally in Warsaw and escpecially in Gdansk a lot of people understand English, too.
Money Warsaw isn´t really a cheap city. A lot of hotels, restaurants and shops are cheaper than in Germany, but if you compare the prices with the income of the local people you will find that it´s an expensive city.
A lot of hotels and restaurants in Poland accept the main credit cards. The best way to get cash money is the eurocheck-card. That´s a good way, because you don´t have to change money, and the exchange rate is very good.
Guide book A very nice german guide book with a lot of insider informations is the "Warschau", printed in the "Dumont-Reisetaschenbuch". If you need an english-speaking book, I think the lonely-planet travel guide about "Poland" is the best one.
Health Information Attention: the tap water in Warsaw is not drinkable. You can use it for cleaning your teeth, but if you like to make tea or coffee, you should take mineral water.
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