Poland: Restaurants and Hotels

Here are some good hotels and restaurants which I would visit again. It´s a small list but I think it´s better to recommend one hotel per city than to list 50 hotels and nobody knows which one is really good.

Restaurant/Hotel Comment
Pup Lolek
ul. Rokitnicka 20
The pub is situated in a park where you can make a short walk before having a drink. The pub is good crowded and the visitors are a little bit older. It´s a good place for having some drinks and listing to live music. A beer is about 8 Złoty. The pub is located outside the center, so you have to take the bus number 75.
Cafe Literacka
ul. Krakowskie Przedmiescie 87/89
A very nice decorated cafe near the old town. So it´s a good place for taking a rest from the noise of the city. You should try the polish cakes. They are fantastic. A large cup of coffee is about 7 Złoty, a piece of cake should cost you 8 Złoty.
ul. Foksal 17
Tuscany at it´s best. The Italian restaurant has a very nice atmosphere. It´s located near the center. Especially the fresh, home-made Pasta is recommendable. A little bit expensive.
Cafe Nowy Swiat
ul. Nowy Swiat 63
A cafe in a very nice, good equiped style. The coffees and the polish cakes are very recommendable. The prices are a little bit more expensive. A coffee should cost about 10 Złoty. But if you want to spend a nice, relaxed afternoon you should do it there.
Mexican Restaurant
El Popo
ul. Senatorska 27
Tequila! Margarita! Tacos! Guacamole! A truly Mexican adventure! A hot saturday night fiesta, you will never forget. The most popular mexican restaurant in Warsaw. A meal should cost about 50 Złoty including drinks. The cocktails are good.
Cafe Blikle
ul. Nowy Swiat 33
Historic cafe near the center. The cafe is the oldest one in Warsaw with a long family tradition since 1869. It´s very nice decorated and comfortable for a coffee or a piece of home-made cake, but the prices are extremely high!

Restaurant/Hotel Comment
Hotel Jantar
ul. Dlugi Targ 19
A very simple Hotel, not the best one in Gdansk, but the location is absolutely a dream. The hotel lies in the middle of the market square in an old historic building. The rooms are big, old and have a great view to the market square. The price for a double room including breakfast is about 60 USD and this is really cheap in Gdansk.
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