Czech Republic: Useful tips for your journey

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Imigration You only need a valid passport if you are a citizen of Germany. If you go by car, make sure that your insurance will pay in case of an accident. You will have to pay toll for the Czech higways. The one-year valid ticked will cost about 25 USD.
Language Because of the neigbourhood to Germany, a lot of Czech people understand German. Additionally in Prague nearly everybody understands English too.
Money A lot of hotels and restaurants in Prague accept the main credit cards. If you go shopping it will be no problem to pay with credit cards. If you need cash, you shouldn´t change your money before you arrive in Prague. Because the exchange rate will be better if you change in the city. It is no problem to get money with an eurocheck-card. It is no good advice, to change money on the street, because you can´t be sure that you will get valid money.
Guide book A good german guide book with a lot of insider informations is the "Prag und Umgebung", printed in the "Reise Know-How Verlag". If you need an english-speaking book, I think the lonely-planet travel guide is the best one.
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