Czech Republic: Map/Geography/Climate

czech map

czech flag In the Czech Republic live about 16 Million citizens. Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic. About 1,2 Million people are living there.

The best time for visiting Prague is in august/september, because of the warm and dry late Czech summer. But it´s also very nice to go there in winter, because there are not so many tourists there, and the whole atmosphere is a little bit mysterious.

The origins of Prague date as far back as the fith century AD when the area was colonised by Slav peoples. In the ninth century a princely seat - a precursor of today´s Prague Castle - was built near the Moldavia River. This can be considered as the foundation of Prague.

The golden city Prague is well known as one of the most breathtaking cities in the world. The romantic, winding river Moldavia runs through it, overspanned by one of the most famous bridges in the world - the Charles Bridge. Hundreds of old, famous buildings are petrified history - whispering their stories into the visitors ear.

Three kind of people have lived in Prague - the Czech, the Jewish and the Germans. Their living-together, sometimes peaceful, sometimes sad and sometimes full of war and pain, was the foundation for the cultural and economic success of Prague. World War II brought a lot of pain for the people, and 40 dark years followed after the war.

But 1989 was the year of the change. The communism was killed softly, and the huge economic growth for the country started. In the same time, the country opened it´s gates, and lot of tourists came to see the wonders of Prague. Now, nearly 6 Million tourist per year are visiting the city, and every year they are becoming more and more.

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