Czech Republic: Restaurants and Hotels

Here are some good hotels and restaurants which I would visit again. It´s a small list but I think it´s better to recommend one hotel per city than to list 50 hotels and nobody knows which one is really good.

Restaurant/Hotel Comment
Hotel U Blazenky
U Blazenky 1/430
Praha 5
My favourite among the hotels in Prague. The hotel is located near the center in an area called Smichov. This area is the Beverly Hills of Prague. The hotel has 9 comfortable rooms. You can reach the Prague underground within a 10 minute walk, it will take to stations to go to the Charles Bridge. The hotel offers a very good restaurant too. You should try the duck breast with raspberry sauce - fantastic. The hotel is easy to find, if you go by car and offers you cost-free parking. A double rooum is about 80 USD.
Reduta Jazz Club
Narodni trida 20
Praha 1
This jazz club is a legend. Founded in 1958, it is Europe´s oldest existing jazz club. The who-is-who of the jazz had played there. Some years ago, Bill Clinton played there together with Vaclav Havel. Nowadays, every night you can hear excellent jazz music. The entrance fee is about 9 USD, a beer will cost you about 1 USD.
Cafe Slavia
Narodni trida
The cafe house with the best atmosphere is located near the Moldavia river. The most famous cafe of Prague was renovated some years ago, now it shows you some of the glory of the past times. The cakes are very nice.
Lavka Club
Novotneho lavka 1
The location of this discoteque is unbelievable. Located beside the Charles Bridge are 3 floors full of music. In addition the beer garden, which is high frequented in hot summer nights. The beer garden is build on an promontory of the Moldavia river. The entrance fee is about 1 USD, the price for a Budweiser is the same.
Rock Cafe
Narodni trida 20
Rock in a hard place. Located beside the Reduta Club. Only Punk-Rock and only as loud as possible. If you don´t get deaf, you are deaf. Entrance fee is about 1 USD, beer and other alcoholics the same.
Cafe Louvre
Novotneho lavka 1
If you are tired of sight-seeing, you should go there. Nice equipment and friendly staff. Additional you can get some snacks.

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